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Glad you joined us!

so what now?

We are going to ask you some questions about your business.


It is important to answer the questions in as much detail as possible - this will help us find the influencer that fits your business exactly!

step 1



Depending on the information you entered, our AI system will match you with the content creators that are exactly right for your business.


Start scrolling through the creators, and find the one you like for their niche content and pricing.

Was there a match? Excellent! Now, start working together on the campaign you plan to mount.

Matchy provides a complete work together workshop, which will allow you to upload materials to the same dashboard and work together on the perfect campaign.

step 2
step 3


step 4

Now is your time to sit back comfortably and relax.

Your perfect campaign is already in the air, and all that's left is to wait for the conversion rates to start rising!

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